Understanding UVR Protections Categories

Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR) is the primary concern when developing shade cloth for schools and playgrounds. When it comes to protecting children from the sun, there can be no compromise. Polyfab Australia offers the market leading shade cloth that not only complies to the Australian Standard for Knitted and Woven Shade Fabrics but exceeds them. Comshade Xtra shade cloth offers the highest level of UVR protection on the market with results in excess of 99% for block-out.

What is UVR Block?

Australia experiences some of the highest levels of UVR in the world, Not only does excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays cause premature aging of skin, such as wrinkles, it also can cause eye problems and skin cancer. That’s why it’s so important that shade cloth for schools and playgrounds is available.

For nearly 25 years, the industry used “UVR-block” as the quantitative measure of the degree of protection offered, which is demonstrated as a percentage. However, the revised standard AS 4174:2018 also introduced a new term “Ultra Violet Effectiveness” (UVE) to replace this former industry guideline.

There are three protection categories for ultraviolet effectiveness. If it ranges from 80 to 90.9% then the fabric is considered to be merely ‘effective’. Meanwhile, anything from 91 through 94.9% falls into the ‘very effective’ category. However, the high mark is getting 95% or better as that is ‘most effective’. Further information is available in the Shade Cloth for Human Protection Technical Guide.


Why you should choose Polyfab’s Comshad Xtra shade cloths

Polyfab Australia is the market leader when it comes to shade protection. A UVR block of up to 99.7% and a protection categorisation of ‘most effective’ makes Comshade Xtra the most suitable shade cloth for schools and playgrounds. Comshade Xtra also offers an efficient strength to weight ratio, making it one of the most popular options for Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLA).

Comshade Xtra is perfect for medium to large-sized environments. Its four-metre width makes Comshade Xtra shade cloth ideal for fabrication and fabric is heat set as well, so it lays flat and there’s no curling when cut or sewn. These benefits, in additions to the 15-year limited warranty, make Comshade Xtra the primary choice for protective solutions.

In order to get the world’s best quality shade cloths, get in touch with Polyfab Australia today by calling +61 3 9770 8480 or emailing sales@polyfab.com.au. We take safety seriously and only offer the best quality products that have been independently tested.