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Polyfab – Application: Theme Parks

Few things are more fun than a day out at a theme park. However, if there is inadequate shade for the primary outdoor spaces that theme parks occupy, customers may end up heading home with a sunburn, which, in the era of social media photos and complaints, can result in a hit of negative PR for a park. By installing custom shade sails throughout the theme park, particularly in high traffic areas such as queues for rides, waiting lines for food vendors and rest areas, you can ensure that customers are well protected from UV radiation, whilst also enjoying all the attractions that the amusement park has to offer along with the open air of the park itself.

Polyfab supplies fabric for custom shade sails for a variety of purposes, and we are no stranger to the specific needs and requirements of theme parks. The Polyfx and Architec 400 ranges both offer market-leading UV protection, while also adapting to the environment and keeping the look and feel that’s required to suit the spirit of fun at the park. Our shade cloths are designed and tested in the harsh Australian climate, so they are sure to provide comprehensive sun protection in any environment, anywhere in the world.

Our Polyfx range comes recommended for outdoor leisure areas. Custom shade sails made from the Polyfx range are heat set, allowing them to hold strength regardless of the shape they are cut into. For this reason, they are particularly versatile for small to medium-sized areas such as queue lines, food stalls or water slides. In addition to using the best available UV stabilisers, Polyfx provides sound protection against adverse weather such as wind, rain and hail. The Polyfx range comes in a wide selection of vibrant colours, so it is sure to pair well with whichever area of the fun park it is shading.

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For larger spaces such as swimming pools, amphitheatres and other sizeable outdoor areas, the Architec 400 range is designed to provide expansive coverage in larger cuts. Architec 400 supports higher tensile strengths and is highly resistant to bursting or tears, which makes it a great option for a complete canopy cover of areas where you expect employees or customers to congregate. An Architec 400 fabric custom shade sail makes for a robust, cost effective and long-lasting alternative to a wooden or metal shelter.

Both these solutions are tested to last and provide well over 10 years of UV warranty (Polyfx 12 years and Architec 400 15 years). Our shade sails fabric is designed with durable materials to last years of heavy exposure to solar radiation, to ensure that your guests are kept safe and shaded regardless of the demands of your local climate. With occasional maintenance and cleaning, our custom shade sails fabric is a reliable, long-term, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to wooden or metal structures, allowing theme park guests to fully enjoy the outdoor space without worry of the elements.

Whilst we recommend the above fabrics Comshade (inc. link to web page) is also suitable for these types of applications.