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Commercial Shade Sails

Polyfab Commercial Shade Sails

For businesses and organisations which host in an outdoor setting, proper sun and UV protection is a must. Polyfab is committed to keeping your clients sun-safe.

If your business operations require employees or customers to be outside for prolonged periods of time, protective measures such as commercial shade sails are a must. Tested in environments that experience some of the strongest UV radiation in the world, where long-term exposure can place the individual at risk for skin cancer and other health conditions, it is critical that any protective cloth is both durable and resilient, and effective at blocking UV. In addition to this, there is the constant discomfort of being under the hot sun which makes it hard for employees to keep their spirits up. At Polyfab, we design and develop commercial grade sun shades to greatly reduce temperatures and protect your staff and stakeholders from UV radiation, offering a durable, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for your business.

In terms of commercial shade sails for business use, Polyfab recommends the Comshade, Comshade Xtra and Parasol ranges. Each has their own benefits and specifics which are tailor made to particular outdoor situations, but all of our products are knitted with durable materials. That’s why our commercial grade sun shades are insured with at least 10 years of warranty, so that after installation your firm can have peace of mind. When we set out to protect people just like you, we want you to see sun safety as an investment rather than a cost.

Our Comshade and Comshade Xtra ranges are commercial grade sun shades which provide total protection against UV rays. While competitors may use lighter or more transparent fabrics which only address a portion of the sun’s damaging radiation, the Comshade range does not cut corners on quality. The base Comshade sun sail provides over 90 per cent UV protection, while the heavier duty Comshade Xtra boasts up to 99.7 per cent — perfect for those spaces where your staff need to be out and about. We recommend Comshade for medium to large commercial projects, whereas Comshade Xtra is a good investment when you have a large area that benefits from coverage by robust and durable commercial shade sails.

Commercial Grade Sun Shades

For smaller projects, the Parasol range is a knitted shade cloth which is UV stabilised and heat set for dimensional stability. For this reason, we recommend Parasol as an all-purpose cover, as it retains its shape and strength regardless of how it is cut and mounted, whereas the Comshade range requires heavier supports to maintain. Parasol’s varied colours make it the perfect option for commercial grade sun shades when you want to add character to a storefront or outdoor area, whilst still offering the robust 95 per cent UV resistance to keep your clients safe from the Australian sun.

All of our products at Polyfab are designed around the unique challenges of the Australian climate, and so are some of the strongest commercial shade sails that are used globally. We use the best quality yarns to minimise the chance of tearing or fraying, and we test our products to weather the uniquely Australian challenges such as strong winds, rapid temperature changes and abrasion from dust or sand. By testing them in that harsh environment, our products are ready for everything, and embody our goal of protecting people just like you.


Whilst we recommend the above fabrics Polyfx, Comshade and Architec 400 are also suitable for these types of applications.