Comshade Xtra® is the ultimate shade sail hero offering up to 99.7% UVR protection, making it the world’s most UVR protective shade cloth.

Available in 4 x 40m straight rolls
Nominal weight: 400gsm

Schools and playgrounds, car parks and commercial meeting spots can be vulnerable to the harsh realities of the sun’s exposure. Comshade Xtra® significantly exceeds any other shade cloth on the market for UV protection and strength to weight ratios, fast becoming the fabric of choice for Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLA). It is a wide, stented fabric at 4m making it convenient to use on a 4m plotter cutter. The fabric is heat set, allowing for ease of use as it lays flat and there is no curling or rolling up when marked out, cut or sewn. Suited for medium and large sized high tensile commercial projects where UV safety and longevity are critical.


Suitability for end use is determined by end user.





Midnight Green



Navy Blue



Comshade Xtra® is made to comply with and exceed AU standard AS4174.1994.

Please note: The actual onscreen colour may not match actual material colour exactly.

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Comshade Xtra®: Tough Under the Sun

Comshade Xtra® has been developed using the very latest knitting and yarn technology to minimise the fabric weight, whilst also maximising the extremely high fabric tear and tensile strength. This robust fabric also provides a very stable stretch within the shade cloth, resulting in a fabric that will maintain its tension and longevity when designed, engineered and installed correctly by an approved and certified builder.

Excessively heavy fabrics from competitors that do not match our weight to strength ratios only result in higher and unnecessary structural costs in order to hold the fabric up and to maintain the fabric under tension.

Some Say It, We Prove It

Comshade Xtra® complements our existing ranges of extra heavy duty knitted shade cloth. Our fabrics have been installed in thousands of projects worldwide and we have a proven reputation for delivering outstanding quality and long-lasting fabrics. We have a large number of example shade cloth installations in both the domestic and commercial markets where the fabric has been successfully used for over twenty years and is still performing over and beyond our UV warranty expectations.

Our 15 Year UV warranty is not just a marketing tool but is based on the fabric’s firm and proven performance.

Comshade Xtra® Technical Specifications

BRAND Construction COMSHADE XTRA Monofilament and tape
Weight (gsm) 400
Width (m) 4.0
Roll Length (m)
– Centre Folded 0
– Unfolded 40
Roll Diameter (cm) n/a
– Centre Folded
– Unfolded 30
Roll Weight (kg) n/a
– Centre Folded
– Unfolded 64
Freight Cubic (m3) n/a
– Centre Folded
– Unfolded 0.36
Breaking Force Warp / Weft (N) 1500 / 2300
Tear Resistance Warp / Weft (N/50mm) 269 / 262
Bursting Pressure (kPa) 4100
Bursting Force (N) 2390
Flammability Index AS 1530.2 (Range 0 low, 100 high) 18
Spread of Flame Index AS 1530.3 8
Smoke Developed Index AS 1530.3 (Range 0 low, 10 high) 5
UVR Block (%) 94.9 to 99.7
Limited Warranty 15 years

FR Results

AS/NZS 1530.2 and 1530.3 available on request.

Comshade Xtra® 15 Year UV Warranty


Polyfab Australia Pty Ltd (Polyfab) warrants to the initial purchaser that the fabric will not suffer from abnormal deterioration(*) from ultra violet exposure for a period of 15 years from the date of installation. (*Abnormal deterioration means deterioration exceeding 5% of the fabrics original strength for each year over the 15 year warranty period).

If the fabric does suffer from abnormal deterioration during the 15 year warranty period, Polyfab will, at its option either replace the fabric or supply equivalent fabric, or pay the cost of replacing the fabric or of acquiring equivalent fabric.

This warranty does not cover, and Polyfab is not liable for, deterioration of fabric occurring due to any of the following circumstances:
• Exposure to pollution, chemicals, solvents, cleaning agents or other substances that are harmful to the performance of the fabric.
• Faulty installation of the fabric or faulty design or manufacture of any structure to which the fabric is attached.
• Improper use of the fabric or use contrary to the specifications for the fabric.
• Colour fading or variation due to ultraviolet exposure.
• Minor colour variation from fabric samples.
• Minor visual imperfection due to the manufacturing processes.
• The negligent act or omission of any person.
• Misuse, neglect or abuse of the fabric.

Statutory Implied Terms and Limitation
This warranty is in addition to any non-excludable terms, conditions or warranties implied under the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) or similar Commonwealth or State legislation (‘Statutory Terms’).
Polyfab’s liability for breach of the Statutory Terms is limited to the maximum extent permitted by the Statutory Term or otherwise by law.
Save as expressly provided in this warranty and the Statutory Terms:
a) All implied conditions and warranties with respect to the goods and services supplied by Polyfab including without limitation warranties as to quality, fitness for purpose and sale by sample are excluded;
b) Polyfab shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage which arises out of the negligence or carelessness of Polyfab or any of its employees, servants, contractors, suppliers or agents, or which arises directly or indirectly from the use of any information, advice or recommendation of any Polyfab employee or from any alleged breach of duty in respect of any goods or services supplied by Polyfab;
c) Polyfab shall not be liable for any advice given by its agents or employees in relation to the suitability for the purpose of goods supplied by Polyfab.

Claims Procedure
All claims must be in writing addressed to Polyfab Australia Pty Ltd, 7 Conifer Crescent, Dingley Village VIC 3172, and must be made within 14 days from the date upon which the defect became known.

Claims must be supported by a sample of the defective fabric together with proof of place and date of purchase of the fabric.

Care and Maintenance Instructions

Care, Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions
Heavy duty shade cloth is an industrial textile made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) yarn, which has ultraviolet stabilisers and colour pigments incorporated into the structure.

HDPE is resistant to most acids and alkalis, and fungal attack. It does not absorb water, which is a significant factor in resisting staining and inhibiting mildew growth. These characteristics make HDPE ideal as a base yarn for a lightweight, strong shadecloth. However, it has only a weak resistance to halogens, such as chlorine; and halogenated hydro-carbons. It is also affected by strong oxidising agents, such as hydrogen peroxide, chlorox (bleach) and some alcohols.

Using such chemicals for cleaning should be avoided. Dirt or mildew is usually the result of contaminants caught in the interstices of the cloth, and should be easily removed using a high pressure hose, which should be used judiciously, to avoid physical damage to the yarns and thread. For stubborn stains, scrub with a brush and a weak solution of household detergent.

Careful consideration should be given to the environment in which Polyfab shade cloth is used. For example, when suspended over a swimming pool, it will be exposed to chlorine emissions and its effective life may be reduced.

The shade sail should only be installed by a company or individual that has appropriate experience and accreditation from the Specialty Textiles Association, Lightweight Structures Association of Australia, or similar body; to the design and specification of a licensed civil engineer.

It is important that the shade sail remains under adequate tension to minimise the possibility of fatigue cracking due to wind-flap. Re-tensioning will be necessary if the shade sail becomes loose and sloppy.

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