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Polyfab Car park Range

For homes and businesses with outdoor parking areas, Polyfab offers a durable shade fabric which protects vehicles from the elements.

Outdoor car parks, from small commercial and residential spaces right through to large scale car parks for shopping centres, airports, and similar, need to be protected from the elements and the challenges of the modern climate. Without temperature control, the heat and strength of the sun can damage or fade car interiors, and also pose a dangerous health threat for those sitting inside. Polyfab designs and develops car parking shade material which shields cars from the elements in most outdoor settings. Once the sun sails are installed using Polyfab shade cloth, you can rely on the durable fabric to provide lasting protection to vehicles for you and your clients.

Polyfab recommends two types of car parking shade material – the Architec 400 range for heavy duty protection, and Comshade Xtra for the truly large spaces. Both our products are made with durable materials and are matched with a 15-year warranty. Whereas other suppliers may cut corners with fabric quality, leading to holes, tears or fraying over time, Polyfab is committed to quality to ensure that you and your clients enjoy lasting peace of mind.

Our Architec 400 range is so strong that it might as well be bullet proof – we recommend it for car park protection in permanent outdoor areas. Our car parking shade material is durable enough to shield cars from potential hazards such as bad weather. We use a proprietary Ovalon microfilament yarn which is strong and form-keeping, allowing it to function best when held under tension. This range comes in a variety of bright, eye catching colours to complement the atmosphere of your space or business.

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Comshade Xtra is a complementary car parking shade material designed for long-term, large-scale outdoor fixtures. It is perfect for complete cover of larger parking areas, filtering out 99.7% of UV radiation for vehicles and workers who need to spend long periods of time under the sun. It has an exceptional strength to weight ratio, reducing the need for expensive and heavy supports while ensuring that it stays strong and durable over time. Its design maintains its tension over time while being resistant to natural forces such as strong winds. Comshade Xtra comes in a range of professional colours and is perfect as a long-term solution for an outdoor parking area.

Once installed, the benefits of using our fabric for sun sails are that they have been designed to resist shrinkage and tearing, offering a low-maintenance solution to your car park or outdoor area. Our dedication to quality just goes to show our passion for protecting our customers, their people and critical assets.

Whilst we recommend the above fabrics Parasol, Comshade and Polyfx are also suitable for these types of applications.