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Shade Structures for School Playgrounds

Polyfab for Schools and Playgrounds

Growing children should be outdoors, but they should also be protected from UV radiation. Polyfab designs and develops durable shade structures to keep your learners safe.

For schools, playgrounds and outdoor learning areas, proper sun protection is a must. Shade structures for school playgrounds are a crucial way to ensure our youngest ones are not faced with issues like sunburns, or worse, skin cancer. Polyfab is committed to protecting our young learners while ensuring they are able to enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air. That’s why we design and develop sun shade sails for playgrounds which are affordable, durable and reliable. What’s more, we have designed our products to withstand the conditions of Australia – one of the harshest climates in the world, so that our range of shades will withstand the pressure in any environment around the world

For schools and playgrounds, proper sun protection and a dramatic reduction in temperature should ensure that students can stay outside for long periods of time without risk of overexposure. For this reason, we produce the Comshade Xtra and Parasol ranges which are ideal for various outdoor settings. Although both are robust sun shade sails for playgrounds, you should consider the nature and specifications of your sunny area to choose the option best for your needs.

We recommend Comshade Xtra for larger shade structures for school playgrounds as well as other spaces like Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLAs), amphitheatres or outdoor pools. The Comshade Xtra range provides up to 99.7 per cent mitigation of UV rays, which makes it perfect for spaces where students are to stay for extended periods of time, such as assemblies or outdoor lessons. Comshade Xtra is designed with extremely high weight-to-strength ratio. This makes it perfect for establishing a completely sun-safe zone with a lesser cost than a metal or wooden structure. The tensile strength improves resistance to holes or abrasion from wayward branches or sporting equipment, which other competitors may be less capable of withstanding. We designed Comshade Xtra so that it can be used for shade structures for school playgrounds to give school staff peace of mind, knowing that students are protected from UV radiation at all times with little need for maintenance.

Sun Shade Sails for Playgrounds

For smaller environments such as outdoor play equipment, our Parasol range is specially designed to be the most versatile sun shade sails for playgrounds. The Parasol range is commercial grade shade cloth and still made with durable high-density microfilament, with protection from UV radiation being the key consideration. Additionally, the Parasol range is specially made to be strong when laid flat, and to have dimensional stability, which means that it works well as smaller triangles or other patches to give areas of shade within a larger outdoor space, so children need not be constantly exposed to the sun or high temperatures when outside. Our Parasol range also comes in a variety of bright colours to complement the vibrant atmosphere of any outdoor play area.

Both our Comshade Xtra and Parasol ranges of shade structures for school playgrounds have been designed with safety and durability in mind. They are made with strong materials and, when mounted to the proper specifications, can be relied upon to last for years even in conditions with high wind, strong sunlight or significant swings in temperature.

Whilst we recommend the above fabrics Polyfx, Comshade and Architec 400 are also suitable for these types of applications.