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Shade Sail Carport

Polyfab for Residential Spaces

For smaller spaces like outdoor pools and patios, a pool shade sail can greatly enhance the look of a family home while reducing the risk of UV exposure. A shade sail carport, meanwhile, will protect the family car.

For families with backyards, swimming pools or other outdoor areas, it is important to remember sun-safety while enjoying these spaces. People can be conscious at work or school, yet loosen the rules a little when in the comfort of their own home – but sunburn is still sunburn. In the summer months when it’s tough to stay outdoors for long, sun shades for the backyard or a pool shade sail can keep families protected from UV radiation.

By adding areas of sun protection to outdoor spaces this can help them become used more regularly, allowing families to enjoy and benefit from all that their home offers. For a shade sail carport or a pool shade sail, Polyfab recommends the Polyfx or Parasol ranges, which are specifically made for the surburban environment. Sun sails are also an easy way to add colour, texture and a new dimension to an outdoor space. The benefits of installing shade sails doesn’t just end at enhancing the overall look of a property. The practical advantages include protecting the homeowners and their belongings from damage due to sun exposure, privacy from neighbouring properties and temperature control.

Why use a shade sail carport?

The Australian sun is one of the harshest sources of erosion in a suburban backyard, which is why we design our Polyfx and Parasol ranges with UV stabilisers to meet and exceed the demands placed on them by the Australian climate. By doing so, we can deliver robust solutions to every climate and environment on the planet. Under constant solar exposure, painted colours on unprotected surfaces can fade and blemish. Which is why a shade sail carport can be a great option, as it will help maintain the finish of your car’s interior and exterior.

Pool Shade Sail

Why families will love a pool shade sail

For larger backyards, the Polyfx range is the perfect solution and is great for families who play backyard sports, have a large swimming pool or just like to spend time outside, since it ensures that sun protection is maintained throughout along with fabric longevity. The colour range available offers a diverse mix including vibrant colours with the names ‘Lime’ and ‘Grape’ along with sophisticated shades called ‘Merlot’ and ‘Café Noir’. So, there is a colour to suit all design tastes. Polyfx is heat set, easy to cut and stable under tension, giving it excellent resistance in all types of conditions unique to the Australian climate, working best when mounted across supports to effectively cover a small-to-medium space.

The Parasol range is designed for smaller spaces like residential backyards, verandahs or as a pool shade sail. It offers up to 95 per cent UVR block as well as protection from the elements. Its high tensile strength and resistance to common stressors such as wind or abrasion make it a durable option for residential use. The Parasol range also has additional dimensional stability due to its heat set design so, designers can be creative to give any outdoor space a modern, aesthetically pleasing look.

Both Parasol and Polyfx come in a variety of contemporary, eye-catching and classic colours, so there is something to suit everyone’s taste, from the bright and bold to the understated. A classic porcelain or charcoal approach adds a sophisticated look to any patio, where bright contrasting triangles can lend a lively and fun atmosphere as a pool shade sail. For residential purposes, Polyfab’s sun sails are functional and stylish, helping to protect families, vehicles, and properties for many years into the future.
Whilst we recommend the above fabrics Comshade is also suitable for these types of applications.