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We recently conducted research into the correlation between SPF and UVR block and it’s fascinating!

Most consumers understand SPF because that’s how sunscreen is rated, so we’ve compared UVR block to SPF equivalence to make it easier for a consumer to understand the level of sun protection shade cloth provides.

The difference in both UVR and SPF equivalence from the ‘very effective’ to the ‘most effective’ protection category is significant!

And in places where people protection really matters, like schools, a shade cloth that offers 99%+ protection is essential.

The Cancer Council of Australia recommend a shade cloth in excess of 94%UVR (SPF 10+) and a sunscreen of SPF30+^. While shade cloth isn’t a substitute for sunblock, hat and protective clothing, it is an integral part of an effective sun protection strategy.

This month, we are launching Xtra – the world’s most UV protective shade cloth.

Across all Polyfab Xtra colours, our average UVR block is 99.1%, with 99.8% UVR block in the darkest colours – significantly exceeding any other shade cloth on the market for UV protection.

Want to be the first with samples of Xtra?

Want to be the first to offer a shade cloth with up to 99.8% UVR block?

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