Kid’s love swimming, and it is important to have public pools so people can learn to swim and enjoy the water, however, pool operators should consider ways to protect their customers from the sun, too.

Public pools are a major source of burns and unhealthy exposure to the sun; thus, a pool shade sail can become an essential resource to minimise sun exposure. The Australian sun is one of the harshest sources of erosion, which is why Polyfab design their Polyfx and Architec 400 ranges with UV stabilisers to meet and exceed the demands placed on them by the Australian climate.

Benefits of Pool Shade Sails:

Increase Use: By adding areas of sun protection to outdoor community pool areas can help them become used more regularly without the worry of getting sunburnt.

Create a Vibrant Environment: Polyfab offers a wide range of colours available, therefore an easy way to add colour, texture, and a new dimension to your outdoor space.

Resistance to Australian Climate : The Polyfx range is heat set, easy to cut and stable under tension, giving it excellent resistance in all types of conditions to the Australian climate, working best when mounted across supports to effectively cover a small-to-medium space.

For larger swimming pool spaces, the Architec 400 range supports higher tensile strengths and is highly resistant to bursting or tears, which makes it a wonderful option for complete canopy cover of areas where you expect employees or customers to congregate. An Architec 400 fabric custom pool shade sail makes for a robust, cost effective, and long-lasting alternative to a wooden or metal shelter.

Polyfab Technical Support

As you would be aware, chlorine and other strong chemicals found around swimming pools can be detrimental to the fabric integrity of a shade structure. However, when properly planned and fabricated, it can be an excellent asset. At Polyfab, we offer technical support and consultation so you can effectively implement shade sails in any commercial environment.

Polyfab designs and develops sunshade sails which are durable, reliable, and affordable. They are designed and made with safety and resilience in mind, and when mounted to the proper specifications, they can last for years even in the harshest conditions.