Every school has the responsibility for protecting the health and safety of children when they are in the playground, which includes from the impact of the sun. Young children should be able to enjoy the outdoors, stretch their legs, and get fresh air, but they should also be protected from UV radiation. Polyfab is committed to protect young learners by providing the highest quality sunshade sails for playgrounds.

Sunshade Sails for Playgrounds

Sunshade sails for playgrounds are vital to ensure young children are not faced with issues like sunburns, or a heightened risk of skin cancer. By providing proper sun protection and a reduction in temperature allows students to enjoy the outdoors for long periods without risk of overexposure.

It is important to consider the nature and specifications of your sunny area when choosing the sunshade sail option uniquely suited for your school playground. Polyfab produces the Comshade Xtra and Parasol ranges which are ideal for numerous outdoor settings. Our products are designed to withstand the environmental conditions of Australia, which is one of the harshest climates in the world, ensuring that children will be protected all year round.

The Comshade Xtra range is recommended for larger sunshade sails for school playgrounds and outdoor learning areas. It provides up to 99.7 per cent mitigation of UV rays making it ideal for spaces where students stay for lengthier periods. The Comshade Xtra range provides school staff peace of mind as it ensures that students are constantly always protected from UV radiation.

Polyfab’s Parasol range is specifically designed for smaller environments such as outdoor play equipment, this range comes in a variety of vibrant colours to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for any outdoor play area.

Polyfab designs and develops sunshade sails which are durable, reliable, and affordable. They are designed and made with safety and resilience in mind, and when mounted to the proper specifications, they can last for years even in the harshest conditions.