While a lot planning and process is undertaken when constructing a shade structure, one issue that is easy to overlook is reflective surfaces. While it is a common issue that is easy to miss, it’s important to take account of, as it can have a significantly detrimental impact on commercial shade sails and cause damage to them.

Why Reflective Surfaces Are An Issue With Commercial Shade Sails

When the sun comes into contact with a reflective surface, it creates a concentrated source of intensified heat and, if it’s intense enough (such as on a particularly hot or bright day) it can start to melt right though a structure. Over time, commercial shade sails that are impacted in this way may develop tiny holes and therefore become less effective at blocking UV rays.

What to Do About It?

When preparing a site for shade sail deployment, first do an inspection of the site, and look out for the following:

  • Reflective signage
  • Coated or glazed windows
  • Mirrors or mirrored surfaces
  • Stainless steel play equipment or outdoor furniture

It’s important to educate your clients on the impact of these surfaces on the long-term health of the shade sail. Having examples of materials that have been impacted by reflection is the most useful way of making this clear, as it can otherwise be a fairly invisible and long term process that can be difficult to visualise.

Why choose Polyfab?

In addition the comprehensive range of protective textiles on offer, Polyfab also provide assistance with technical data and background information that will help you to articulate to your customers what they need to consider when investing in commercial shade sails.

These resources that we make available to our partners includes educational videos, product brochures, technical data manuals, care instructions and maintenance guidelines.

We’re recognised as one of the premium provides of safe, robust fabrics precisely because we go the extra lengths to help customers make informed decisions. Our open and transparent approach will help give your customers the peace of mind they need to invest in commercial shade sails with confidence. Be sure to visit the Polyfab technical support page for more assistance.