Due to the severe nature of the Australian climate, it is important that all products are tested to Australian Fire Regulation Standards. At Polyfab we are committed to ensuring that we meet the regulations by using the highest quality and most sustainable materials, thus, creating the safest and most durable shade cloths.

Polyfab completes strict testing of their shade cloth ranges to guarantee safety and longevity, this includes:

AS 1530 Pt II and Pt III Flammability Tests

AS 1530 Pt III tests are designed to assess the full ploy of combustion risk, in particular ignitability, flame propagation, heat release and smoke emitted. The test includes subjecting a vertically mounted 600mm x 600mm sample to both radiated heat and ignition source, and its burning behaviour from ignition to extinction is observed. The intense radiated heat causes the sample to emit volatile substances, and in some cases, it may even melt, and the ignition source ensures that these catch fire. The results come in a form of various indices, including:

  • The “Spread of Flame Index” which is a measure of how quickly fire spreads, expressed on a scale of 0 to 10 (the hire the value, the worse the result).
  • The “Smoke Developed Index”, which is also expressed on a scale of 0 to 10, with each increment representing a bifold increase of the smoke emitted.

AS 1530 Pt II is a “Strip Flame” test in which a small 535mm x 75mm piece of material is subjected to flame generated by a standard quantity of alcohol, and the burning behaviour is then observed. A practical “Flammability Index” is calculated from measurements of how quickly or to what extent the shade cloth burns, and the heat generated. 

AS4174:2018 Colour Test

Colour samples of the Polyfab shade cloth ranges are exposed for 2000 hours to a UVA-340 lamp under the ASTM D7238 standard and then related to the grey scales following the AS 2001.4.A02 procedures. After vigorous testing, results display that the samples tested barely change in colour after UV exposure, and exceed the minimum requirements of AS4174:2018.

Polyfab are dedicated to assist their customers in making an informed decision when choosing the safest and most durable fabrics for their shade structures and are also available for aftermarket support beyond the finished job. Be sure to visit the Polyfab technical support page for further assistance.