Making the most of outdoor space is critical for all hospitality venues. Hospitality services should consider innovative solutions to utilise all the space, no matter the weather conditions, that they have available to provide the best customer experiences.

Custom Shade Sails

For businesses and organisations which host an outdoor setting, proper sun and UV protection is vital. At Polyfab, we are committed to help in the creation of custom shade sails that will assist with creating an outdoor dining experience.

Failing to create an outdoor area that can be utilised in various climates reduces a venue’s ability to maximise profitability. Polyfab designs and develops commercial grade sunshades that assist in reducing temperatures and protects staff and guests from UV radiation.

Polyfab’s shade cloths are tested in environments that experience some of the strongest UV radiation in the world, where long-term exposure can place individuals at risk of severe health conditions. Because of this process, Polyfab can ensure that the protective cloth is durable and effective at blocking UV.

Regarding commercial shade sails for business and hospitality use, Polyfab offers the Comshade, Comshade Xtra and Parasol ranges. Each with their own benefits specifically tailor made to suit different outdoor dining situations. By testing materials in harsh environments such as strong winds, rapid temperature changes and abrasion from dust or sand, Polyfab’s products are ready to protect employees and guests. Polyfab’s commercial custom shade sails are not only durable, but aesthetically pleasing and offer a wide range of colours and fabrics that will uniquely suit hospitality venues needs.