Polyshield® is an ideal quality reinforced fabric, suitable for haystack covers, trailer and machinery covers, tent and caravan flooring and draft strips.

Polyshied® is a high quality woven coated polyethylene fabric. It made from virgin resins, and uses only the best UV stabilisers from BASF, to ensure that the fabric retains its flexibility and strength under the harsh Australian sun.

Polyshield® comes with a 3 year warranty* covering premature breakdown as a result of exposure to the suns UV rays.

Quality UV additives are applied to the tapes that are woven into the reinforced scrim, and to the double laminated coatings.

Polyshield® is available in 2.05 m widths and in 50 l/m and 1000 l/m rolls.

Polyshield®‘s colour range includes Green, Blue, White, Beige, White/Silver and Green/Silver.

Welding and joining

Polyshield is easily joined with a commercial sewing machine and has excellent weldability.

If you are using a tape welder, we recommend that you use compatible welding tapes split from rolls of Polyshield.

Base FabricHDPE
Weight250 GSM +- 10%
Roll Sizes2.05 X 50

2.05 X 1000
UV Stabilisation3 Year UV Break

Down Warranty**
Colours: Green, Blue, Beige,White,

White / Silver,Green / Silver
Lamination2 x 55 microns - LDPE
Tolerance10% in weight and properties
Construction of base fabric 12 x 12 - 1500 D - HDPE

Breaking force/50mm:1591 N1353 N
Breaking extension:20.8%20.1%
Tear resistance:mean 254 Nmean 249 N
Bursting force:mean 1922Nmean 1922 N
Hydrostatic Pressure

AS 2001.2.17-1988
Mean 3150kPa
Coating Thickness5.5 micron both sides

Please note that Polyshield® is not suitable for use as a grain cover.

This woven coated HDPE fabric has been designed as a general purpose cover for the agricultural and horticultural purposes. It is suitable for hay stack and cotton covers, small trainer and machinery covers. It’s also suitable for use in the caravan and camping industry for annexe protection covers and draft strips in caravans.

Polyshield® is made from virgin resins, and uses only the best UV stabilizers in both woven reinforced scrim and to the double laminated coatings, to ensure that the fabric retains its flexibility and strength under harsh Australian sun. Polyshield comes with a conditional 3 Ultra Violet UV warranty covering any * Abnormal deterioration resulting from Ultra Violet exposure.

Where Material breakdown is alleged a sample of the effected fabric should be provided to Polyfab Australia for an independent laboratory assessment. If proven that the fabric has deteriorated more than the specified value during the 3 year warranty term, Polyfab Australia will completely at their discretion supply replacement material(same or of equivalent specifications), or contribute to the cost of alternative fabric on the following pro-rata basis:

  • 80% retained strength after UV exposure for the first year.
  • 60% retained strength after UV exposure of two years.

The product specification represents the results sourced from a third party testing authorities, and tolerances may vary by as much as +/- 10%. Due to our continual product development process, product profiles are subject to change at any time without notice.

The manufacture reserves the right to alter or modify the product specifications without notice, and assumes no obligation or liability for the suitability and use of its products other than the applications intended by the manufacture. It is the customers responsibility to determine if the Polyfab Australia products are appropriate and suitable for the application.

The above information represents the results sourced from third party testing authorities, and tolerances may vary as much as 10%.

Care should be taken to avoid exposure to chemicals that may contain Bleach, or other agricultural or Industrial chemicals containing Sulphur and or Halogens (chlorine Bromine). These Chemicals could attack the UV stabilisers with the High Density woven coated fabric, thus reducing the life of the product and negating the UV warranty.