Horticover is a Knitted HDPE tape shadecloth suitable for the protection of Hot House Igloo’s within the Horticultural and Agricultural markets. It is a removable and reusable protection cover.

Horticover is an alternative option for the growers who normally have to white wash their flower and plant seedlings hothouse igloos, and in the summer months it helps to reduce temperatures and UV plant burning. Resulting in less strain on the plants and less watering.

Horticover is an all tape construction, knitted shadecloth that is less abrasive and softer than a monofilament shadecloth, and is less abrasive on the Polyhouse Film, whilst reducing the UV degradation on the Poly cover.

Horticover is available in a Light and Medium construction and is UV stabilised to last three (3) seasons of use.

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3.66 x 300 L/mtStockingStocking
Nominal Weight90 gsm+/- 10%115 gsm +/- 10%