Solarpro - polyfab

Solarpro™ is an outstanding general-purpose reinforced hot house fabric that is ideal for use in agricultural and horticultural settings.

Weight: 180gsm
Dimensions:1.83m, 2.05m, 2.7m widths x 50m, 100m, 1,000m rolls

Solarpro™ is a resilient textile available in natural and white, made from transparent high-density polyethylene (H.D.P.E) with excellent clarity and woven scrim. The material has been heavily U.V. stabilised and a 5 Year UV warranty comes as standard.
Please note: Solarpro™ has been designed as a general-purpose cover for agricultural and horticultural purposes only. This product is not suitable for applications where excessive flexing or ‘wind flap’ is present.


Suitability for end use is determined by end user.

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Solarpro™ Product Specification

Product Solarpro
HDPE Base Fabric and LDPE Coating Thickness
10 x 10 x 1000 Denier tape
45 micron both sides
Weight 180gsm ± 10% tolerance
Light Transmission Natural: 85.6%  White: 50%
Width 1.83m, 2.05m, 2.70m
Roll Length 50m, 100m, 1000m
Refractivity Index 1.51 (Natural)
Thermal Resistance 0.0188 m² Kelvin/Watt (Natural)
Thermal Conductivity 0.016 Watts/m Kelvin (Natural)
Breaking Force AS 2001.2.3.1-2001 Warp / Weft 1000 / 935 N/50mm
Tear Resistance AS 2001.1.2.10-1986 Warp / Weft 188 / 166 N/50mm
Bursting Force (mean) AS 2001.2.19-1988 1224 N/50mm
Bursting Pressure (mean) AS 2001.2.4-1990 Method B 1900 kPa
Limited UV Warranty 5 years

Note (1) : Applies to natural (translucent) option only

Please note: All the above values are typical values taken from independent test results and are not to be taken as a minimum specification. Typically, variations of +/-10% are to be expected. Due to our continual product development process, product profiles are subject to change at any time without notice.

Product Disclaimer

This product is designed as a general purpose cover for agricultural and horticultural purposes. This product is not suitable for applications where excessive flexing or ‘wind flap’ is present.

The product specifications represent the results sourced from third party testing authorities, and tolerances may vary by as much as +/- 10%.

Due to our continual product development process, product profiles are subject to change at any time without notice. The manufacture reserves the right to alter or modify the product specifications without notice, and assumes no obligation or liability for the suitability and use of its products other than the applications intended by the manufacture.

Solarpro™ 5 Year Limited UV Warranty

Polyshield and Solarpro Warranty

The Nolan Group warrants that the Polyfab brands of poly fabrics are specifically designed to be used for agricultural and horticultural applications.

‘Free of Defects’ means that the products meet their published descriptions and technical specifications, and are homogeneous in appearance after allowance for minor variance, such as twisted yarn that do not affect physical properties, but are the unavoidable result of the weaving process. The specifications for all products, including overall weight per square metre, have a tolerance of ± 10% on published values, due to the variances inherent in production and scientific error in the methods of test.

The Nolan Group further warrants that the products will perform satisfactorily when used in its design context in the temperate climatic conditions experienced throughout Australia.

‘Satisfactorily’ means with continued but gradually diminished utility over its expected life, due to the unavoidable effects of Ultra-Violet Radiation and Weathering, such as colour variation, strength loss, and dimensional change.

‘Expected Life’ is at least the period covered by warranty, provided the product is installed correctly, and cleaned and maintained as recommended. The warranty period for strength loss is THREE Years for Polyshield and FIVE Years for Solarpro.

The warranty specifically excludes damage caused by repeated flexing of the product,including instances where the product is not secured properly and becomes subject to ‘flapping’ in the wind. The warranty also specifically excludes damage and delamination caused by, but not limited to, chemicals (chlorine, halogens and organic solvents) or highly acidic substances.

The Nolan Group’s liability under the warranty is limited to replacement of the material only; or its equivalent cost, both options with a discount on value for the time the fabric has been in place, on a pro-rata basis as follows:-

  • The first third of the warranty period Nil Discount
  • The second third of the warranty period 50% Discount
  • The final third of the warranty period 75% Discount

Liability for any consequential loss, including labour and installation, is expressly excluded.

In the event of a claim, proof of purchase must be provided. In the event of a dispute, the determination of the manufacturer or recognised industry association is the sole basis on which replacement or refund is made.

This limited warranty shall under no circumstances override legal guarantees that may be required under the Consumer Act. The warranty is not transferrable and applies only to the original purchaser.