Horticover - polyfab

Horticover is a high-quality knitted shade cover for the horticultural market delivering excellent protection of hothouses during the summer season.

Product Name Weight (± 10%) Roll Width x Length x Weight
Horticover Light 90gsm 3.66m x 300m x 100kg
Horticover Medium 110gsm 3.66m x 300m x 120kg

Horticover is a knitted shade cloth that is UVR stabilised and made from a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tape. It is designed for ultra-light external covers for hothouses and is less abrasive and softer than a monofilament shade cloth, which aids in reducing the UVR degradation on the poly cover. Because the polyethylene tape does not absorb water, the fabric will not rot.

During the summer, Horticover helps to reduce temperatures and UV plant burning, resulting in less strain on the plants and a reduction in watering. It is also an alternative option for growers who normally whitewash their flower and plant seedling hothouses.

Horticover is available in light and medium construction, is UV stabilised to last three (3) seasons of use. For best results pair with Solarpro™.


Suitability for end use is determined by end user.

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Horitcover Product Specifications (available in white only)

PRODUCT SPECIFICATION (available in white only)

Product Name Weight (± 10) Roll Width  x Length  x Weight
Horticover Light 90gsm 3.66m x 300m x 100kg
Horticover Medium 110gsm 3.66m x 300m x 120kg

Horticover Care and Maintenance Instructions

Heavy duty shade cloth is an industrial textile made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) yarn, which has ultraviolet stabilisers and colour pigments incorporated into the structure.

HDPE is resistant to most acids and alkalis, and fungal attack. It does not absorb water, which is a significant factor in resisting staining and inhibiting mildew growth. These characteristics make HDPE ideal as a base yarn for a lightweight, strong shadecloth. However, it has only a weak resistance to halogens, such as chlorine; and halogenated hydro-carbons. It is also affected by strong oxidising agents, such as hydrogen peroxide, chlorox (bleach) and some alcohols.

Using such chemicals for cleaning should be avoided. Dirt or mildew is usually the result of contaminants caught in the interstices of the cloth, and should be easily removed using a high pressure hose, which should be used judiciously, to avoid physical damage to the yarns and thread. For stubborn stains, scrub with a brush and a weak solution of household detergent.

Careful consideration should be given to the environment in which Polyfab shade cloth is used. For example, when suspended over a swimming pool, it will be exposed to chlorine emissions and its effective life may be reduced.

The shade sail should only be installed by a company or individual that has appropriate experience and accreditation from the Specialty Textiles Association, Lightweight Structures Association of Australia, or similar body; to the design and specification of a licensed civil engineer.

It is important that the shade sail remains under adequate tension to minimise the possibility of fatigue cracking due to wind-flap. Re-tensioning will be necessary if the shade sail becomes loose and sloppy.

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Horticover 3 Year Limited UV Warranty

Agricultural and Horticultural Warranty

The Nolan Group warrants that the Polyfab brands of knitted shadecloth, namely Covershade and Horticover are specifically designed to be used as shadecloth for agricultural and horticultural protection, and are guaranteed to be supplied free of defects.

‘Free of Defects’ means that the products meet their published descriptions and technical specifications, and are homogeneous in appearance after allowance for minor variance, such as tie knots or twisted yarn that do not affect physical properties, but are the unavoidable result of the knitting process. The specifications for all products, including overall weight per square metre, have a tolerance of ± 10% on published values, due to the variances inherent in production and scientific error in the methods of test.

The Nolan Group further warrants that the products will perform satisfactorily when used in its design context in the temperate climatic conditions experienced throughout Australia.

‘Satisfactorily’ means with continued but gradually diminished utility over its expected life, due to the unavoidable effects of Ultra-Violet Radiation and Weathering, such as colour variation, strength loss, and dimensional change. Extreme climatic conditions, particularly high temperature and humidity, may accelerate this inevitable product degradation.

‘Design Context’ means the products are fabricated and installed to customary and appropriate construction standards; and the product is maintained under reasonable tension over its expected life, without excessive stretching or overloading during installation.

‘Expected Life’ is at least the period covered by warranty, provided the product is installed correctly, and cleaned and maintained as recommended. The warranty period is TEN years from the date of installation for Covershade and THREE years for Horticover.

The warranty period for colour change, in excess of that allowed is TWO years for all products.

The warranty specifically excludes mechanical fatigue or damage due to wind load, and damage attributable to faulty design or installation, such as abrasion by sheathed cables, or tear caused by undue concentration of stress at supports; to storm or cyclone events, including hail loading; and to vandalism.

The Nolan Group’s liability under the warranty is limited to replacement of the material only; or its equivalent cost, both options with a discount on value for the time the fabric has been in place, on a pro-rata basis as follows:-

  • The first third of the warranty period Nil Discount
  • The second third of the warranty period 50% Discount
  • The final third of the warranty period 75% Discount

Liability for any consequential loss, including labour and installation, is expressly excluded.

In the event of a claim, proof of purchase must be provided. In the event of a dispute, the determination of the manufacturer or recognised industry association is the sole basis on which replacement or refund is made.

This limited warranty shall under no circumstances override legal guarantees that may be required under the Consumer Act. The warranty is not transferrable and applies only to the original purchaser.