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Bird Netting Suppliers

Polyfab Agricultural Range

Polyfab designs and develops fabrics and covers to shelter your plants, fruits and veggies. We tailor our products for the Australian climate to best protect your assets.

Polyfab offers a range of products which shield agricultural plots from damage by pests or harsh sunlight. We are bird netting suppliers and horticultural shade cloth providers who understand the challenges of growing in the open environment, and we offer a product strong enough to help your assets resist the worst that nature has to offer. Our products are designed to last and be relied on for many years.

As bird netting suppliers, we offer a robust and durable throwover mesh for fruits and vegetables which need protection from pests. Whether it’s birds, fruit bats, or other airborne animals, crops are at risk if left unprotected. Rather than try to cull them (which may be illegal, when the animal is a protected species), bird netting is a natural and safe alternative that allows nature to live in harmony to your agricultural interests.

Polyfab’s bird netting comes in a range of widths up to 20 metres wide, so that clusters of fruit or vegetable crops can be covered in one go. The bird netting sheets can also easily be cut down into smaller sizes without weakening of the material. We use strong fibres that keep out the toughest of beaks and claws, knitted into a 12 x 12mm hexagonal lock stitch which are small enough to resist the smallest birds. We have taken every opportunity to improve our product so that we do not make the mistake other bird netting suppliers make, in not accounting for the strength and ingenuity of Australian birds. Our product is robust to suit commercial environments requiring a throwover net, but simple and affordable enough to shield your backyard gardens too.

We also provide various horticultural shade cloth types for outdoor growing environments in which harsh sunlight or UV radiation poses a problem. For plants which grow best in shaded or canopied environments, our Covershade range is a multipurpose, heavy-duty monofilament shade cloth which encourages and aids in the photosynthesis process. Covershade comes in four weights with a choice of four colours, and it can also be used as a windbreaker, privacy screen or a scaffold cover. It is our multi-purpose horticultural shade cloth which protects your assets from UV light and other environmental destabilisers.

For hot houses, tunnel houses and larger agricultural operations, we offer the Solarpro and Horticover ranges to keep your plants safe from excessive solar radiation. Solarpro is designed as an all-purpose hothouse cover made from white or transparent HDPE with UV stabilisation technology. It is offered in widths of 50m, 100m and 1000m, in order to cover anything from a backyard plot to an industrial sized operation.

Horticover is a specialised horticultural shade cloth designed for plants which cannot naturally resist the heat of Australian summers. We test in Australia to demonstrate resilience within the harshest conditions so that our solutions are applicable anywhere in the world. As a removable and reusable cover, we have designed this product as a replacement for yearly whitewashing of hot house and tunnel house surfaces where sun block is required. Horticover is easy to fit and remove, and achieves the same effect of lowering the overall temperature, preventing soil from drying out due to sustained exposure to the summer sun.

All of Polyfab’s horticultural shade cloth types use the latest in UV inhibitors and are built for many seasons of use without UV degradation. As bird netting suppliers and agricultural shade cloth designers and developers, we are devoted to protecting your assets from the challenges of growing in difficult climates, anywhere in the world. Whether you are planting in your backyard or running a yearly operation, Polyfab has a solution for your crop’s needs.